Here’s Manch vKYC

Manch Video KYC service is a one-stop solution for all your KYC needs. The solution complies with the regulatory guidelines of The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) and Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), ensuring the security and privacy of customer data through our enterprise-grade security features.

Verify customers in 60 seconds

Manch vKYC is designed for best user experience, one stop shop solution to meet all your customer & regulatory requirements.

Happy customer,
getting a vKYC done

Self vKYC, Agent initiated vKYC or Agent controlled vKYC – you name it – we have it

Application and KYC
Agent initiates vKYC, customer gets link
Customer clicks link, completes vKYC
Approval in the backend

Drive customer
delight with tools from the future

A configurable platform supported by end-to-end encryption, data privacy
& security protocols to meet all your vKYC and advanced authentication
needs to prevent fraud – a tool built to work for complex uses cases to meet
needs of the customers across all segments

1Capture video
2 Capture location details
3 Capture KYC details)
4 Extract and cross-verify KYC with multiple data sources
5 Face Compare​
6 Recording

Why Manch vKYC?

Stay compliant

Stay compliant with complex regulatory processes. Streamlined process with automation.

Happy Customers

The simplicity and convenience of process helps customers complete the tasks in the most efficient manner

Designed for the new normal

Designed to meet regulatory and changing business needs


Available as a standalone or API

Reduce cost and time

Slashes agreement signing costs by 90% and drastically reduces turnaround time

Performance and safety

Reduced drop-offs. Safeguards against scams and malicious activity.

Manch Vs Other Solutions

1 User ExperienceSimple UIX
Single click signingX
2 WorkflowConfigurable to current workflowsX
3 Preset templatesMulti-party AgreementsX
Corporate Account OpeningX
Offer LetterX
Home loan applicationsX
Account OpeningX
4 Bulk SigningSign with smart documentsX
5 ImplementationCost of ImplementationLowHigh
6 AccessAll form factors
Device AgnosticX
7 ArchitectureCloud NativeX