Here’s Manch eKYC

Manch’s eKYC service provides verification and authentication of individual and enterprise-level validations at source, thus eliminating back-office dependencies and helping reduce the cost and improve compliance.

Trusted by industry leaders, we make business processes smart, simple, and quick.

Verify customers in 60 seconds

Provide user-friendly tools to your customers for their mandatory KYC process, and ensure customer delight.

Drive customer process
high security

Manch uses advanced encryption and data masking methods to secure critical customer data. The encryption and masking can be configured through the platform to meet the specific needs of the customer.

OCR (optical character recognition) to capture data
Advanced data encryption & document masking
Real time validation - simple and secure

In-built APIs and business rules for auto-detection of the document, face – extraction, enhancement & compare to detect & prevent fraud.


In-built business rules to cross-verify the information from multiple sources to arrive at a decision.

Offline & Online Support

  1. APIs to integrate with 3rd party system(s)
  2. Bulk processing support

Why Manch eKYC?

Stay compliant

Stay compliant to meet complex regulatory requirements.


API to enable the compliance on the fly Easy to integrate with 3rd party Apps.

Keep customers happy

The simplicity and convenience of Manch eKYC helps customers complete stay compliant.

Join the best

Top companies are staying on top with Manch. Join a growing cohort of businesses to drive digital transformation with Manch eKYC.

Anytime, anywhere

Easy access from any device helps drive user adoption.

Manch Vs Other Solutions

1 User ExperienceSimple UIX
Single click signingX
2 WorkflowConfigurable to current workflowsX
3 Preset templatesMulti-party AgreementsX
Corporate Account OpeningX
Offer LetterX
Home loan applicationsX
Account OpeningX
4 Bulk SigningSign with smart documentsX
5 ImplementationCost of ImplementationLowHigh
6 AccessAll form factors
Device AgnosticX
7 ArchitectureCloud NativeX