Our AI driven, cloud-native, no-code platform allows organizations to easily acquire, store, cleanse, enrich, and distribute external and master data. This ensures that the data is accurate, consistent, compliant, and up-to-date.

Are interactions with
external stakeholders

slowing your business down?

With Manch Technologies, you can streamline your data procurement and management processes, improve data quality, and ensure regulatory compliance to drive productivity and efficiency in your digital transformation.

AI driven
Configurable workflows

Flexible for business operations

Industry-leading AI-driven features, designed to meet a variety of business needs

Multi-Level Authentication

Mobile – OTP, email – OTP and External IDs.

Video KYC

Support for two-way video communication (integrated with business process) and ML based Speech- to-Text.

Smart Forms

Rule-based intelligent and optimized method to fill the information in the documents, such as account opening forms, employee information forms, agreements, NDAs.


Address proof & ID proof documents including PAN, GSTN, Aadhaar, Driving License , Voter Id, MSME, FSSAI,TDS, Cheque, Other govt. docs.

Bulk Processing

Process transactions in bulk.

Multi-Party Signature Support

Sign individually or in bulk.


Personal & Business ID verification, Address Verification PAN, GST, Bank Account (Penny Drop), DL, MSME, FSSAI, CIN, Offline Aadhaar, DigiLocker.

Collaborative Work Flow

Support for collaborative transaction execution & rule based multi-party approval process.


In-built AI engine for fraud detection and prevention.

Why Manch?

Top brands are using Manch to digitise, find why

Solve business challenges with Manch

CategoryCurrent Solutionswith Manch
1 External dataHuge volume of data from external stakeholdersOne single source of truth for all external data
2 Data validationCurrent software capture first, then cleanse, involving large back-end teamsValidate at source, with considerably less back-end resources and time needed
3 ApplicationsLarge number of applications running, capturing and storing dataOne platform to streamline all data using workflows and use-cases
4 Workflow customizationHue resources needed as a result of custom workflows required for each type of data captured. No-code, easy-to-configure workflows
5 ComplianceChallenging to manually track compliance for each geo with regulatory compliance on data useCompliant in each geo
6 Multi-platformNeed for multi-platform data entry and management, on mobile, web, laptops and other devicesNatively multi-platform and device-agnostic
7 Type of systemLegacy systems are rigid and inflexible.Cloud-native, low-code and flexible
8 Resource intensiveChanges need re-configuration, and a team of expert consultantsDIY, no-code, either implementation team or Partners can do the config in 1 - 3 days
9 Continuous complianceNot possible due to lack of connectivity with the compliance APIsNot possible due to lack of connectivity with the compliance APIs
10 LIfe-cycle managementSiloed applications make lifecycle management almost impossible. Results in lack of 360 degree view of the master dataSingle platform with ability to orchestrate processes for life-cycle management - hence providing 360 degree view of the data

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