Here’s Manch Engage

Manch’s collaborative platform creates structure around chaos by supporting businesses from onboarding to full and final settlement processes by linking the life-cycle steps to each other. Manch Engage helps businesses create a trusted partner ecosystem.

Drive partner engagement,
and customer delight.

Stay on top of your partner engagement with a collaborative, workflow-driven digital transformation platform.
1 Multi-Level Authentication

Mobile – OTP, email – OTP and External ID

2 Video KYC

Support for two-way video communication (integrated with business process);ML based Speech to Text

3 Optical Character Recognition

PAN, GSTN, TDS, Aadhaar, CIN, FSSAI, VoterId, Driving License, Passport and the list keeps growing

4Self-serve feature

Streamlines the partner life-cycle by seamlessly integrating structured and unstructured partner activities in real-time


Bank Account, personal tax-id, Company ID, Company registration, MSME certificate, Food Certificate and much more

Why Manch Engage?

Easy to use

Software as a Service, Cloud Enabled, Sample Code for Quick Start, Intuitive Responsive UI


Certified platform with End-to-End Security and Inbuilt Redundancy


Configurable Digital Onboarding Platform. Multiple Signature & Integration Options – Portal Access, Web APIs. APIs to Integrate with Core Application

Keep partners happy

The simplicity and convenience of Manch’s partner management solution has high adoption rates from external stakeholders

Reduce cost and time

6% increase in topline. 60% reduction in back office expenses by reducing human intervention


Available as a standalone or API

Manch Vs Other Solutions

1 User ExperienceSimple UIX
Responsive UIX
2 Approval ProcessConfigurabilityX
3 Risk AnalyticsReal-Time ValidationsX
Compliance CheckX
4 Self-ServiceData SetupX
Configuration ChangesX
5 ImplementationCost of ImplementationLowHigh
6 AccessAll form factorsX
Device AgnosticX
7 Back Office Team FocusDataData Quality/
Data Entry
8 Support for new masters/domainsConfigurabilityLimited
9 ArchitectureCloud NativeX