How Manch Onboard works

Onboard your hires

Keep your stakeholders and candidates happy with 100% digital onboarding with simple clicks, with Manch’s Digital Onboarding Software. Because your business can’t wait.


Onboard your retail partners

Your agents can now assist retailers and kirana stores to come onboard your ERP system easily through Manch’s Digital Onboarding Software.

1 Agent initiated request
2 KYC – using OCR & validation
3 Document Collection
4 Location capture
5 Approval
6 Retailer Live – start processing retailer orders

Onboard restaurant partners

The built-in Inbound Onboarding app in the Digital Onboarding Software helps you sign up inbound partners, such as restaurants, in a self-service workflow. This means your onboarding is running 24 x 7.

1Initiate across channels
2Qualification engine
3Real time compliance check
4 Business rule engine
5 Rule based routing & approval process
6eStamp agreement

Why Manch's Digital Onboarding Software

Streamline your business

Streamline your onboarding process with custom workflows that are tailored to your business.

Business rules configurator

Configure complex business rules for validating and authenticating data with internal/external data sources in real time.


Integrate eKYC within the same workflow.

Document sign

Adopt a digital first methodology for your entire
onboarding, go paperless.

Join the best

Industry leaders are staying on top with Manch.
Join a growing cohort of businesses that are adopting digital transformation.

Seamless compliance

With Manch, organizations can easily stay compliant with all business rules and regulations.

Manch Vs Other Solutions

1 User ExperienceSimple UIX
Responsive UIX
2 Approval ProcessConfigurabilityX
3 Risk AnalyticsReal-Time ValidationsX
Compliance CheckX
4 Self-ServiceData SetupX
Configuration ChangesX
5 ImplementationCost of ImplementationLowHigh
6 AccessAll form factorsX
Device AgnosticX
7 Back Office Team FocusDataData Quality/
Data Entry
8 Support for new masters/domainsConfigurabilityLimited
9 ArchitectureCloud NativeX


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